Clean+Green Furniture Refresher for Pet Odors for Dogs and Cats, 16 oz

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Clean+Green Furniture Refresher for Pet Odors for Dogs and Cats, 16 oz Description

Product Description Clean + Green Furniture Refresher for Pet Odors for Dogs and Cats is an easy and painless solution to get rid of those unavoidable pet odors; 16 oz. CLEAN+GREEN – Furniture Refresher (Fabric, Leather & Vinyl) for Dogs & Cats Natural Odor Eliminator and Cleaner Clean+Green Cleans and permanently removes pet and other organic odors on fabric, upholstery and cat beds. Made from non-toxic botanicals, this is safe for pets, people and the environment. WORKS ON CONTACT – Quick and easy to use. Just spray – no need to soak, scrub or rinse. Patented Encapsulation Technology and Advanced Eliminator3 Formula. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATES – Cleans and eliminates the source of the odor and stain such as: Pet Accidents, Urine, Vomit, Hairballs, Red Wine, Food and Juice, Coffee and Tea, Grease and Grime. PET SAFE – Our products are fragrance free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and do not contain essential oils. NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Purified water, cane sugar derivatives, a proprietary blend of botanical extracts, hydrated cellulose (plant-derived cleaning agents) and a natural nitrogen propellant. Our ingredients are non-GMO and biodegradable. ECO-FRIENDLY CONTINUOUS SPRAY – We use a natural propellant – nitrogen – the most abundant element in the earth’s atmosphere. Nitrogen does not deplete the ozone, is not a greenhouse gas and is non-toxic. SUSTAINABILITY – Our steel cans use over 33% post-recyclable steel. Our packaging is 100% recyclable: can, cap and spray tip. Made in USA. WORKS INSTANTLY – and easily with eco-friendly, continuous spray that eliminates household stains and odors such as Pet Accidents, Vomit & Hairballs, Food and Juice, Coffee and Tea, Grease and Grime. 100% Guaranteed to work – If you purchase any of our products and they do not perform to your satisfaction within 30 days, we will give you a full refund on the product. Mail in your original receipt and product for refund to SeaYu Enterprises, Attn: Customer Service, PO Box 16236, San Francisco CA 94116. Eliminates Odors and Cleans Fabric, Naturally Clean+Green Furniture Refresheris a neutral pH cleaner that works on contact; no soaking or saturating needed – just make sure that Clean+Green Furniture Refresher comes in contact with the odor and problem source. Once Clean+Green comes in contact with the problem source, it surrounds and eliminates the odor and stain – on contact. Old Odors – Clean+Green will get rid of old odors; it just may take several applications. Old Stains – As long as stain has not yet been ‘set’ into the carpet Clean+Green can get rid of old stains. An excellent housetraining aid. It completely eliminates all of the odors, so dogs and cats do not re-soil the same area. It’s quick, effective, and very easy to use. HypoallergenicFragrance FreeNo Essential OilsNo OxidizersNo Isopropyl AlcoholNo Enzymes No SolventsNo Petroleum Ingredients Directions: Turn nozzle to face the black dot on the can and keep can upright when spraying. Spraying the can at an angle greater than 60° may release all the propellant and cause can to stop spraying. Shake can before spraying. Spray a hidden area of material first to test for color fastness. Pet Beds and Pillows Remove the bed or pillow covering from filling.Spray on affected surface until damp, but not soaked. Allow area to air dry. Fabric and Upholstery Spray on affected areas until damp, but not soaked.Allow area to air dry. For deep-set odor, use CLEAN + GREEN CARPET. Leather Spray on affected areas until damp, but not soaked. Use a dry cloth and wipe the leather dry. TIPS & TRICKS: Sofas Has someone had an accident on your sofa and you can’t get out the smell? CLEAN+GREEN can help here. The challenge is getting to the odor source! If it is in the sofa pillows, see the instructions under Pillows. If the urine got inside the sofa frame and into the stuffing or wood, there are several things to check. Check to see if the frame is exposed from the bottom of the sofa or if the side or back of the sofa can come off. If you can reach the frame or stuffing through these openings, use CLEAN+GREEN for Carpet & Upholstery and spray the infected areas. If there are no openings, I am sorry to say that we cannot get the CLEAN+GREEN to the infected areas to get rid of the smell. Pillows Has someone had an accident on the pillows on your sofa or bed and the odor source is in the pillow? CLEAN+GREEN can help here. First, take the pillow cover off of the pillow and spray it down with CLEAN+GREEN Furniture Fabric Refresher. Next, get a large plastic bag and your vacuum cleaner. Thoroughly spray the surface of the pillow with CLEAN+GREEN Carpet & Upholstery and put the treated pillow in the plastic bag. Suck all the air out of the pillow (compressing it so that CLEAN+GREEN can reach the odor source) by placing your vacuum cleaner hose inside the bag, wrapping the bag around the hose and turning on the vacuum. Keep it wrapped up tight in the bag for about 15 minutes then take it out and see if the odor is gone. If you still smell something, you’ve missed a spot; repeat the process above until it is all gone.

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