ELENKER Natural Cat Scratcher Lounge Board with Catnip

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ELENKER Natural Cat Scratcher Lounge Board with Catnip Description

Size:Double hole-shaped Natural Cat Scratcher Feature Don’t be wait for your love, please embrace with your love kitty and give him a comfortable life with a scratcher Scratching is a natural instinct, not a behavioral problem Reasons as below: 1. To remove old nail sheaths from the claws 2. To warm-up for a vigorous play session 3. To relieve stress, frustration and boredom 4. To exercise and tone muscles 5. To mark territory – Scratcher improves your cat’s mental state and behavior. It’s also important for their health. – Our corrugated cardboard cat scratcher is environmentally friendly and is made of recycled cardboard. – A cat scratcher will help give your cats or kittens an acceptable place to scratch without leaving you with damaged furniture. – With aesthetically pleasing designs and colors not only will your cats love using it, the pressed cardboard cat scratcher will also look good in your home. We love our kitties, but let’s face it – nobody loves a shredded couch and claw damaged furniture. Instead of scratching your furniture, your kitties will be more than happy to scratch their own scratchable ‘furniture’. Though kitties can be amazingly agile and light on their feet, we all know that when it comes to scratching, the words delicate and gentle don’t apply. Help save your furniture by giving your kitties an alternative scratcher. Our awesome scratcher out of super dense, saving your time and money in replacements. The slender, low profile means you can put one in every room. The main material-corrugated cardboard is made from recycled paper pulp and the catnip is processed and packed without pesticides or chemicals. Catnip is included. You can help your kitties stay active and healthy by using the Catit Scratching Board. Packing Includes: 1 x Cat Scratcher 1 x Catnip

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