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A feral cat house that takes all of a feral cats needs into consideration. It is well thought out by a master feral cat house designer Scott Rundle. Scott has spent the last 10 years making and perfecting cat houses and selling them on amazon. He has taken all the advice possible from caretakers, colony managers and cat lovers and the cats and put it all in this one shelter. The interior of this cat house is lined with an ample supply of wheat straw. Wheat straw is a great natural insulator and cats love to nest in it to keep warm. We start out with the core of the house being a 1.5 inch thick eps styrofoam all around. The interior of the house is 15 5/8 x 13 x 14. This is the perfect size for one cat. The outer dimensions are 18 x 16 x 16. We then put this insulated house in a box that has been wax immersed to make it super water repellent. The waxed box adds another level of protection and it also is dark brown and will blend in in dead grass or bushes. Rain hitting the ground and splashing in the doors is our greatest concern, so we added a 24 x 47 inch black plastic awning. Just add a 12 x 12 x 1 brick on top of your cat house and it will hold the awning in place and keep the shelter from blowing away in the wind. See photos. It has two six inch round openings that are offset from each other to help eliminate wind intrusion and allow for easy escape. We ship this with the white door openings cut only halfway through. That way we can easily ship it from amazon and not have to bag it in a special way to ship it. So when you get it just get a knife and cut out the white door. Follow the pattern we have already created and just cut away. If you have a porch kitty just cut one door out and put on your porch. If you have a tough feral you are going to have to cut out both doors and keep the awning open until they get used to it then add the awning and keep the flap up like shown in the picture. Then once they are comfortable you can put the awning down all the way.

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