Mynwood Cat Jacket/Harness Caramel Adult Cat

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Mynwood Cat Jacket/Harness Caramel Adult Cat Description

My name is Maria, I live in Yorkshire and I am the designer of the original cat jacket/harnesses. I make each of my cat jackets by hand, from quality materials. I am a proud owner of 3 Bengals; Otis, Sherlock and Magic, 2 black Moggies; Coco and Thomas, and our newest addition, Buddy, a ginger Moggie who keeps the others on their toes! I soon realised that the many harnesses on the market were not secure and not feline escape proof. Cats were easily escaping from them by simply ‘reversing’ out of them. While developing my design, I did a lot of research. My design incorporates opinions and feedback from cat breeders and other owners. Satisfaction Guaranteed My design fulfils the 6 main aims for success: 1) Security, 2) Strength, 3) Practicality, 4) Design, 5) Comfort, 6) Customer satisfaction Handmade Quality My jackets are made to suit your cat’s requirements. I make each jacket using quality fabrics. It fastens securely around the neck and chest with long strips of velcro. All jackets are reversible with black cotton. My jackets are extremely durable, triple sewn for strength, hard wearing and machine washable. They are easy and quick to put on and adjust to your cat. They have a super secure welded steel D-ring with extra reinforced stitching to attach your lead to go for walkies. Please never leave your cat unattended outside. My jackets are not designed for the cat to be left outside unattended whilst attached to something.

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