Penn Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming Kit

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Penn Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming Kit Description

Color:Black The Penn Plax Vac Groom Pet Grooming Kit will solve your pet’s shedding and grooming problems, answering one of the toughest challenges you face. You love your pets, but no one loves the loose fur they shed getting everywhere. Even when you comb or brush them regularly, hair still manages to either fly away or get all over you despite all your efforts to contain it. This adjustable dog comb comes with three different lengths to perfectly suit your pet’s coat. In addition to combing pet hair, this grooming vacuum collects fleas, ticks, burrs, debris, pollen, dander and other unwanted bits out of your pet’s fur. Not only does the VacGroom work perfectly as you directly brush your pet’s fur, another great application for this pet vacuum is using it to remove the loose hair from your furniture. As any pet owner can tell you, pet hair can be tough to remove from fabric without the right tools. The combination of vacuum powered suction when applied with our special upholstery brush makes clean up easy. Enjoy fast, easy, and above all, tidy grooming with our pet grooming vacuum. The Penn Plax VacGroom has a universal adapter that is compatible with almost every vacuum brand including ALL models of Shark, Dyson, Hoover, Bissell, Shop-Vac, Kirby, and Rainbow brand vacuum cleaners. (only vacuums from brands not listed above with triangular or other non-circle intake channels may not work). The inner diameter of the connector (the part that attaches from VacGroom to your vacuum) has an inner diameter of 13/16′. The outer diameter varies to fit any size between 1 3/8′ and 1 3/4′. The adapter located on the hose has an inner diameter that varies to fit any size from 1′ to 1 5/8′ and an outer diameter of 2 1/8′ formation. Check out the short video at the top of the page to see how easy it is to use.If for any reason it does not fit your vacuum, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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