Reptology Life Science Turtle-pier by Penn-Plax

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Reptology Life Science Turtle-pier by Penn-Plax Description

Size:Large Pier Reptology Large Turtle Pier provides your pet with a healthier, more natural environment while giving you a new way to interact with your aquatic pet. Sculpted in a traditional pier design, the Turtle Pier is great for turtles, frogs, newts & salamanders and is designed to give your pet a more natural aquatic environment while allowing you to use your entire tank for water. The deeper water eliminates most filtration restrictions giving your pet a cleaner more spacious area for swimming. Designed to fit most 20 gallon or larger tanks, the Turtle Pier has a platform base that is 16′ long x 11′ wide with a ramp extending 5′ from the 16′ side. The Turtle Pier’s floating platform rests just above the water line on four 12′ pilons that can be extended to 16′ with the four 4′ extensions (included) so your turtle can rest out of the water for basking while saving space in your tank. Each pilon has a suction cup so you can affix each securely to the bottom of your tank to prevent shifting. The floating platform allows for evaporation and will rise or fall with the water level up to 16′ and can be set as low as 3′ for low or no-water environments. A docking ramp provides your pet an easy climb to the upper level where they can bask and eat. Each platform has a bin for gravel (not included) that can be used to provide counterbalance for your large turtle when they climb the ramp. Reptology Turtle Piers are easily assembled and made of a durable plastic that is easy to clean and is safe for both children & pets.

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