SmartyKat Corrugated Cat Scratchers

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SmartyKat Corrugated Cat Scratchers Description

Style:Super Scratcher 4 pack Satisfy your cat’s need to Scratch with the SmartyKat Corrugated Cat Scratcher. It’s a fact, cats need to scratch! What looks to you like a naughty kitty clawing at your sofa, carpets or drapes is actually a cat doing what is natural and necessary. Cats scratch to remove an uncomfortable scale from their nails, maintain feline fitness and to tell the world, “That’s mine!” Can both your cat and your furnishings live together under one roof? Yes, with the Super Scratcher catnip scratcher, an effective and fun scratching alternative for cats of all sizes. Why it Works Cats can’t resist the Super Scratcher’s corrugated scratching pad together with our pure and potent SmartyKat Organic Catnip. The included catnip acts like a magnet to lure your cat to the pad, which resembles tree bark, a cat’s favorite scratching surface in nature. The Super Scratcher saves your furniture by giving your cat an appropriate place to scratch that he’ll love to return to.

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