Vetri-Science Cardio Canine Heart Support Bite-Sized Chews

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Vetri-Science Cardio Canine Heart Support Bite-Sized Chews Description

Size:1 Pack Product Description Cardio-Strength Canine Bite-Sized Chews is a highly palatable formula to support cardiovascular and cardiac muscle strength and overall health in canines. Designed to promote oxygen utilization and circulation, Cardio Strength contains 10 synergistic nutrients. Vetri-Cardio Canine Bite-Sized Chews Vetri-Cardio Canine is a soft chew formula specifically designed to support cardiovascular function in dogs. These dog chews contain important amino acids and antioxidants to support total wellness. Recommended to Support: Breeds of dogs that are predisposed to cardiovascular stressDogs with pre-existing sub-optimal cardiovascular functionGeriatric patientsMetabolic pathways and the structural integrity of the cardiovascular system About our Formula Blood Flow, Blood Vessel Integrity and Circulation Much of Vetri-Cardio Canine’s comprehensive cardiovascular support is due to its ingredients’ support of blood flow, blood vessel integrity and circulation. Arginine, an amino acid produced by the body, supports coronary blood flow, while folic acid works to support capillary blood flow. Magnesium supports the quality of blood vessels and the normal thickness of blood. A popular herb, hawthorne, exerts a wide range of positive actions on heart function, due primarily to its flavonoid content. These flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that partner with vitamin C to support the stability of dog’s capillaries. Heartbeat Strength and Regular Pattern Vetri-Cardio Canine Bite-Sized Chews contain a variety of nutrients that support the heartbeat’s strength and regular pattern. Magnesium supports proper cardiac muscle function, and works synergistically with potassium to support the heart’s proper electrical activity, also supporting a normal beat. Electrolyte balance is important to heart rhythm, so minerals are a perfect formula addition. Taurine, an amino acid found in heart tissue, supports proper utilization of electrolytes and a regular beat. It’s also known for its cognitive support properties. Coenzyme (Q10) CoEnzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble substance found in the inner mitochondrial membrane where it acts as a membrane stabilizer and a free radical scavenger. It helps to support cellular energy within the heart via the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP, or the energy molecule) and supports cardiac strength by supporting healthy circulation. DMG Dimethylglycine (DMG) is a do-it-all. Vetri-Cardio Canine Bite-Sized Chews includes this amino acid derivative to provide cardiovascular and immune function support. DMG supports circulation, healthy blood pressure, detoxification and physical performance. DMG also supports cellular energy and oxygen utilization, important for cardiac performance and output. L-carnitine L-carnitine is an amino acid-like cofactor that seems to have a positive effect on the heart muscles. It transports fatty acids through the blood to the cell’s energy-producing factories, the mitochondria. There, the fatty acids are converted to ATP. Incorporating L-carnitine into a cardiac supportive product for dogs supports heart rate, lipid patterns, electrolyte balance and exercise tolerance, all of which are important factors for healthy cardiovascular function. Delicious Vetri-Science’s Vetri-Cardio Canine Bite-Sized Chews support health only if the dogs will eat them. The chews are designed to be moist and delicious to meet all pups’ taste needs. Chicken-liver flavored and bite-sized, Vetri-Cardio Canine is sure to bring high compliance.

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