Zil Fxtr Clamp Lamp Gooseneck

Zil Fxtr Clamp Lamp Gooseneck Description

An R-Zilla Clamp Lamp is the easy way to position healthy light or essential heat in a reptile terrarium. A heat-resistant ceramic socket and black reflector dome are designed to accept R-Zilla’s strongest incandescent heat or light bulbs (rated up to 150 watts). Installation is a snap: simply attach the large gator clip and bend the flexible gooseneck to aim light. The six foot power cord comes with a handy rotary itch. Bulb not included. Mounting Suggestions: Option 1: Attaching the Clamp Lamp to a shelf above the tank is the most secure way to mount it. Option 2: Inserting a block of non-flammable material between the glass and the clamp will help the stability of the Clamp Lamp.

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